Social Media Management Company: Are you Looking?

Post date: May 1, 2015 3:25:05 PM

The Play Connection is a full service social media management company. We offer services to drive traffic to your website, drive Amazon sales, build a community within your social media pages and more. 


Our team of Mommy Bloggers are experienced social media marketers. TPC can introduce you to new platforms or direct you to the platform that is best for your business or blog.

Our full service, monthly social media marketing package will keep all the cogs and wheels of your social media running smoothly.  The full monthly package is $750-1000. This includes scheduled daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, and your choice of LinkedIN or G+, weekly pinning: commenting and optimization of your Pinterest profile (setup if needed), posting 3 times a week to Instagram: follower growth and engagement, blogger outreach: lining up bloggers to post on their social media about your products and arranging review posts in blogs, and your choice of  an additional social media platform (Polyvore, Quora, Amazon, etc.) Want blog posts for you site? We can do that too. Want SEO optimized on your site, yep, we do that too! 

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Want to break it down and start small? Contact us for a la carte pricing. 

Want web design or coding? We can make recommendations. 

Newsletters, we can get you started. 

Consultation only: $25 per hr.

For an entire month, let The Play Connection manage (or set up and manage as needed) your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts while you go out and play! We'll post fresh content every other day, check in daily to interact with your followers, grow your account, and target the right demographic for your niche. 

TPC will even write original blog posts or newsy articles for your product and share them across our social media outlets too.

Visit our UpWork Profile  or Lora's blog to see our social media stats.

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