Teams start with one shot NERF GUN Blasters and level up as they win games.


More Pandamonium Battle Games

Game play typically lasts for 5-7 minutes. Some games will last until one team wins.

Defend the Castle

Teams are broken into 5 or 6 players each. This game mode requires a group of players to defend their home base, while the other team tries to capture it. They have 7 minutes on the clock. If the defending team continues defending their base until the time runs out, they win. When a player is hit, they must stand down by resting along the south wall. If the attacking team captures the homebase by invading the space without getting hit, they win. Only one member from a team needs to still be standing to win.


Teams are broken into 5 or 6 players each. One person is chosen as president. The president is given two to four bodyguards. A bodyguard’s objective is  to protect the president from getting shot by the assassins while escorting him/her home. POTUS does not carry a weapon. POTUS has no defense except to duck and hide from their would be assassins. The bodyguards have to follow POTUS at all times.

If an assassin is shot during the round they are out and must sit outside the play area. However, the first time a bodyguard is shot, they may shout out, “I've been hit, take cover!” After their second hit, they must sit  outside the play area. When the referee calls out, “INVINCIBLE,” the bodyguard cannot be shot. This is the time to make big moves to home base.

The game is over when the president successfully reaches homebase without being hit or the assassins make a direct hit on the president.

Standing Duel

Players stand on colorful marked spots with one shot blasters and three pieces of ammo. They must remain on these spots at all times. When they run out of ammo, they must sit on their spot. They can jump, duck, and sway, but if they get hit, they are out. The player with the most tag hits wins the game.

Capture the Panda

Each team is given a panda on their side of the battle zone to defend. The goal is to protect their own team’s panda while venturing to the other side to capture the enemy’s panda. The first team to capture the opposing  team’s panda wins.

High Score Wins

Participants will find numbers written on the bunkers and boxes around the room. Teams must battle each other to take control of these points. In order to capture points, players must stand next to the number and count to it.. They may speak softly, but they must count out loud. If they are able to complete the count without being tagged, the referee will award their team the points on the whiteboard. When all 100 points have been scored, the team with the highest number wins.


One player on each team will play the hostage and remain unarmed. This player will wear their team’s colors but be captured behind enemy lines. The opposing team has 5 minutes to successfully rescue their hostage The hostage must remain in place until a member of their team taps them on the shoulder.

Battle Royale

Participants will find loot boxes around the room. It’s a free-for-all. Explore, loot, and battle in a game of up to 12 players. If you get hit, you sit outside the battle room. Last one with the most loot that hasn’t been hit wins! In the meantime, use your loot to level-up and tag out other players! Players who win loot may continue to use the loot in other games.

Classic Battle

Players divide into two teams. When the referee blows the whistle, they blast toward the opposing team. If you get hit, you must sit in the Bamboo Bullpen. The team that eliminates all players on the opposing team wins. 

Variation - Civil War. In the Civil War battle, only single-shot blasters are allowed. Both teams start out in Classic Battle formation, standing in a straight line, facing each other. When the referee blows the whistle, they shoot, civil war style. If a player is hit in the arm, they cannot use that arm. If a player is hit in the leg, they must drag that leg. If they lose both of their arms or legs, they must move on their knees. As always, no hits to the face, neck, or privates. A player is out when they run out of ammo. At that point, they must freeze in the spot where they shot their last shot.

Variation - Pandemonium. In this all out battle, everyone is for themselves. When you get hit, you sit. Last person standing wins.

Freeze Tag

Based on their safety vest colors, players divide into teams. When the referee blows the whistle play begins. When a player is hit they must freeze. A hit player must stay frozen until a teammate taps them on the shoulder. The game is won when all members of a team are frozen at the same time or when the referee blows the whistle to alert that five minutes has passed and the game is over. 

Bamboo Bull Pen

It’s everyone for themselves! For seven minutes, you will race around the room to be the first to collect the most “bamboo.” If you get hit, you can keep your bamboo, but you have to head to the bullpen and stay there until the referee blows the whistle and says, “Bamboo Break!” The player with the most bamboo when the referee blows the final whistle, wins. Be careful though, it's hard to hold onto all that bamboo, shoot, and dodge at the same time.

Battle Hunger Games Style (Adults Only)

Players must place all blasters in the center of the battle zone. Dividing into their teams, each team takes different sides of the battle zone. When the referee gives the signal, players go for the blaster of their choice and the games begin. When a player is hit they can avoid sitting out by immediately making a hit on the shooter. If they miss, they must sit out. Last person standing wins.

Humans vs. Zombies

In humans vs. zombies, one team acts as humans armed with blasters, and the other team acts as zombies, who are weaponless. Zombies must walk with their arms straight out in front of them. If a zombie gets close enough to touch a human, the human becomes a zombie and the referee will remove their weapon from game play. When all zombies are destroyed, the zombies win. If everyone becomes a zombie, the zombies win.


Two players are chosen for a standoff duel. They can be the last man standing from previous game play or the guests of honor. The rest of the players stand single file on their team’s side of the battle zone. The two blaster slingers in the showdown match must use only one, one shot blaster and keep it in their ammo pack until play begins.

At the referee’s signal, the two players move to start off back to back in the center of the battle zone. On the referee’s next signal, they will take 6 paces forward and turn, pull their blaster from their ammo pack, and fire. 

If a player is hit, they must stand down. If no player is hit, play continues with the following rules: The referee shouts, “Fire,” and both players fire another single shot at their opponent. The referee shouts, “Reload,” and the players reload without fear of being shot. The referee shouts, “Block,” and points at a player. This player may not shoot, but must try to block or catch the shots being fired until the referee shouts, “Reload.” They must reload before taking another shot. 

When a player is eliminated, they move to the end of their team’s line. The next player in line moves to take their place. The last player standing in the showdown wins a free Pandamonium pass for their next visit.