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Are you a small business owner with an online presence or an influencer looking to work with one?

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Are you an influencer? You may be and not even realize it! If you have a following of 200 or more on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest - even it's just a network of your close friends, families, or coworkers - you might be an influencer. If so, follow us on Facebook, The Play Connection, Inc. Social Media Marketing for Brands (Small Business Owners) and Bloggers.

If you're an influencer, you can request to join our closed group The Play Connection, Inc. Sponsored Social Media Posts and Blog Reviews.

Client = Small Business and Brands

Are you a small niche business with an online presence or a brand looking to work with social media influencers and those well connected to social media posts? It's difficult to find the right partnership at a price that fits your small business or start-up budget. 

Are you a marketer looking for connections? We can help with that! 
Like our page, The Play Connection, Inc. Social Media Marketing for Brands (Small Business Owners) and Bloggers and drop a Facebook message to let us know what kind of influencer you'd like to help promote your brand. Each week, we'll post a sample of the latest promotion, so you can see what it's all about and share social media management tips.

Sorry, no brands allowed in the private group - that's strictly for our influencer network. 

Social Media Sponsored Posts Blog Reviews

Sponsored Social Media: How it Works

Whether you want to work with 1 or 100, we've got you covered. Best of all, our network offers a fast turn around. Make a request today and you could have your website promoted as early as tomorrow! We prefer a week's notice, but, as always, 'You can do it!'

  • We'll help you set a fair price ($ paired with product can go a long way.)
  • Find the right people from our pool of experienced social media influencers (sometimes 200 is better than 200,000.)
  • Set up the post on your account (or one of ours) and have the influencers repost as is or tweak to fit their profile style.

  • We know what works, you just fill in the details. We choose the parameters of the content. The rates are lower than most other sponsored networks, so no bossy demands - let the influencers do what they do and sit back and enjoy the show!

All with no hassle. You'll sign a tiny contract and pay up front via Paypal and then we'll pay each influencer after we approve their posted content. 

What are you waiting for? Message our Facebook page right now!

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