Do I have to sign a waiver?

ALL guests must sign a waiver. EVERYONE. We know; we know. You aren't going to play, you aren't going to shoot a blaster. Odds are, you're going to get caught up in the excitement. Yes, Grandma, even you. Even if you don't participate, you're probably going to get hit during training practice. Everyone MUST sign a waiver.

Can Adults play?

Of course, It's super fun, especially when you play with only other adults.

Where can I find the waiver?

It's on the our website. Click Sign it!   For children under 18, list everyone's name and d.o.b. on the first line.

Do I have to pay before the date of my party?

During regular business hours, in-person bookings may pay a $25.00 deposit to hold a reservation. You will be invoiced via email or text for the balance due. Payment is due one week prior to the reservation. Online reservations require full payment at time of booking to hold your date. Online reservations can be paid with the After-pay service, credit card, or debit card. There are no refunds. All funds will be applied to another date.

How much does it cost to reserve slot?

It depends what you're doing. 1 hour group reservation or 1 1/2 hour birthday parties are $125 during holiday promos, $50 - 30 minute group reservations, $150 - 1 hour group reservations, $175 - 1 1/2 hour parties, $225 - 2 hour parties, $12.50 - 30 minute individual open play reservation. Go to the Book it! page, choose the item you want to learn about, and click the blue 'more info' link before choosing the option you prefer and checking out.

How do I book that?

Clicking the Book it! tab on the website, Texting, Facebook messaging, or email is preferred. You can call, but we only answer the phone during regular business hours.

*The individual rates highlighted above are only available during advertised OPEN PLAY HOURS.

I don't need to rent your blasters. Can I bring my own equipment? How much does it cost if I bring my own equipment?

No. We provide blasters that are suitable for all ages. Outside equipment is not allowed. Some may be modified, some may be inappropriate for children under age 14. Also, your equipment might get broken and then you'd be sad. 

I don't need a referee. How much does it cost if I don't have a referee?

Everyone needs a referee. Our staff has a fun name. Staff will be on hand in the training room and the glow-in-the -dark battle room. We're here to protect you and your party's participants. We're also here to protect our equipment and merchandise.

I don't need the party training room. We aren't eating cake or opening presents at your facility. I don't want to pay the extra fee or I've been here before. I know what blasters I want to use. How much does that cost? You can reserve a 30 minute or 1 hour group slot. If we're hosting your birthday party, the training room is where you check-in for the birthday party, you get suited up, and you listen to the rules, and then you come back to celebrate with presents or cake - whatever you bring. 

Can I rent the party/training room only for a private party?

Sure. A staff member will be present at all times.

How much does it cost to rent the party/training room only?

Depends. What day would you like to rent it? If you rent it on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the cost is the same as any other reservation, $125 during promo, $175 after promo. Other days/times are available at the availability of our staff. A staff member will act as your hostess and be in the room at all times. A weekday room rental is $60 for 1 hour and $20 each additional hour.

How do I book that?

Clicking the Book it! tab on the website, Texting, Facebook messaging, or email is preferred. You can call, but we only answer the phone during regular business hours.

I have 4 people who want to play? Do we need a reservation?

Yes, at this time everyone needs a reservation. Check Facebook for upcoming OPEN PLAY HOURS during which the rate is $12.50 or book a 30 minute time slot for $50. It costs a little more this way. We encourage you to find some friends and make an hourly PRIVATE PLAY reservation. But, I don't know that many people.

That's okay, you'll make new friends during the OPEN PLAY. You're welcome.

What's the difference between open play and private play?

Private play takes place when a group of people make a reservation at the hourly group rate. Open play means that people you may not know may be playing in the room with you. You have not reserved at the private play rate. We allow up to 12 people in the room during open play. All players are required to use blasters that are age appropriate for the youngest player in the room.

We're having a birthday party. How many people can we bring?

12 players max and up to 6 non-playing chaperones or younger siblings when you book with the 1 1/2 or 2 hour party reservation that includes the party room. With all other reservation types you may bring 2 non-playing chaperones. They may stand and watch the action or sit in the seats outside the battle room.

Can we bring cake and ice cream?

Yes; if you've booked a party in the training room. We have a refrigerator/freezer.

Can we bring presents?

Yes; if you've booked a party in the training room. We have an area for presents.

What do you provide?

When you book a party in the training room, we'll provide everything mentioned above and party cups, napkins, plates, and flatware. If you'd like goody bags be sure to add them to your order when checking out.

How much do goody bags cost?

Goody bags are $6.00 each and come with silly straws, stickers, lollipops, and a coupon for the PANDA TREASURE BOX. Please let us know if you'd like to add some to your order.

We want to play longer. Can we do that?

Sure, if you decide you want to keep playing and no one has booked the slot after you, you can stay an additional 30 minutes for $50. When the staff blows the time whistle, let them know you need more time.

Can we stay another hour? (two hours) How much does that cost?

Sure, but you probably won't want to. People get worn out from all the pandemonium! Check with a Blaster Master to add another hour to your reservation.

What is a boutique glow-in-the-dark indoor activity center? Boutique means we specialize in creating a quality, individualized user experience. We're not a big, barren NERF GUN WAR arena. Each time you visit you may notice artsy changes or organizational improvements. Think more along the lines of a Build-a-Bear party model, than a free range, battle.