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What Online Business Management Tools do you Use?

Are you trying to manage your business online all by yourself? With all of the social media options, the networking options, and the options to keep in touch with your team online, it is like navigating through a tech jungle. 

What tools should you use to grow and manage your business? Free ones are the best! Most basic team management services that charge a fee for premium services also offer free online business tools. When you get into Master Data Management Tools, there’s always a fee, because these do so much more to help you organize your business data.

Through the years we’ve used many paid and free tools for managing our social media and our team of contractors. Here are some of the most user friendly online business management tools options.

For team management and messaging:

For social media management and automated posting:

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Working as a social media consultant and manager, I work with various Marketers and Small Business owners. If they use a project management tool for their projects, I use it too. They grant me access, assign me a team, and I share weekly and monthly updates, hop in to ask questions, and collect branded content to share on their social media profiles. These tools are very similar, once you’ve learned one, the others are easy to learn. 

With all of the professional business management tools, I still prefer using  Google Docs. However, many brick and mortar companies still use Microsoft. Google has a fix for that, any spreadsheet or doc in Google is easily adapted to Google’s version in a matter of seconds. When you need to send it back, you can save it as a PDF, Rich Text File, or even convert it back to a Microsoft Doc.

Another type of business management tool, is the master data management tool. Master Data Management Tools are basically a single point or place where all data for the organization is stored and accessed by its users. All important data is linked to one master file. Founded in 2007, Profisee is one of the most popular master data management tools. Profisee is, not only, the fastest growing MDM company in the market, but is recognized for its lowest Total Cost of Ownership for enterprise MDM solutions. 

These data management tools can facilitate various platforms and applications. The tool ensures that there are no duplicates and keeps and stores customer data. Wikipedia describes it this way, “Master data management has the objective of providing processes for collecting, aggregating, matching, consolidating, quality-assuring, persisting and distributing such data throughout an organization to ensure consistency and control in the ongoing maintenance and application use of this information.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get more productive today with one of these business management tools!