Links for Instagram Bio

how to create link in instagram profile bio

How do you get a link in your Instagram Profile Bio? You know, the ones that are clickable and have a list of urls to affiliate links and other pages on your website? has an awesome tool for the link in your bio, but it will cost you. We like how it auto updates with your posts. has a free version that makes updating the link in your Instagram bio a breeze. 

But, why? 

No need to give away potential pageviews. You can easily create your very own landing page and use the link to that page as the link in your Instagram profile bio. You can make it fancy by creating images in PicMonkey and hyperlinking the image to the url you want to link to. Check that out on our homeschool lessons landing page.

Here's what the default link list looks like on our website:

how to make link in bio profile on Instagram

Here's what it looks like on Instagram:

Link in Instagram Profile Bio LinkTree

This landing page doesn't need to appear as a tab or link on your site. It's basically hidden from view and only visible to those who have the link. Who has it? Instagram!

So, you see how easy it is! We just created a static page on the website and added hyperlinked urls. We can go in and update each time we add a new Instagram post, want to add an affiliate link, or even a link to a sponsored post. The link in our Instagram bio never has to change. Just add the page url there. 

On Blogger admin, go to pages, hover over the title of your link tree, (we called ours "links you'll love) and choose 'view' to get the link or 'edit' to update your linky list.

This is a stand alone, static PAGE on Blogger. If you aren't tech savvy, you could also write it as a blog post and publish it. Whatever works for you. WordPress, SquareSpace, and other blogging platforms all have a similar way to create pages. 

Now, you won't lose potential pageviews to your site by sending your traffic to another service first! Cheers to happy links in your Instagram profile bio. Congrats, you know how to do it like the pros!