The Play Connection

  • The Play Connection started in 2007 as a blogspot blog. In 2009, it became a real world creative play company focusing on building self-esteem.
  • After that, we began a little blog called, and some magic happened! Through all we've learned via social media, we continue to morph, bringing bloggers sponsored opportunities and helping brands grow through influencer marketing and social media management.
  • In 2013, Lora's blog grew an amazing Pinterest following. All because,she really liked to pin. Now, we help others with their social media accounts & special online events.
  • Currently offering sponsored Instagram posts and product reviews to bloggers for small businesses and brands and vice-versa. We increase brand awareness and social media growth.
  • We work virtually, but years of catering and event planning experience allow us not only to market your event but to help plan it too. Think influencer brunches and lunches, get togethers, online hangouts.
  • Like parties? We also facilitate Twitter and Pinterest parties.
  • Our motto: You can do it! (And we're happy to help.)

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