Let's Glow! Panda-Monium  is a boutique  glow-in-the-dark indoor activity center in New Castle, Indiana that offers fun,  family activities for all ages. Have a glow-in-the-dark foam dart battle with NERF GUN & ADVENTURE FORCE blasters or NERF RIVAL Gun blasters in the indoor FOAM DART ZONE. On select SUMMER days, book a PARTY in the BIRTHDAY ZONE and create SQUIRT GUN BLASTER ART. 

We also offer art & craft classes, preschool fun days, sell novelty gifts & unique art supplies, and an array of dart blasters & battle gear. Reservations required for all game play.


To reserve a spot in the glow-in-the-dark- indoor NERF GUN foam dart battle zone or to schedule a birthday party, click the Book It! tab in the left sidebar.

What is a boutique glow-in-the-dark indoor activity center? Boutique means we specialize in creating a quality, individualized user experience. We're not a big, barren arena. Each time you visit you may notice artsy changes or organizational improvements. Think more along the lines of a Build-a-Bear party model, than a free range, Nerf War battle.