D'Arts is an indoor activity center in New Castle, Indiana with fun,  family activities for all ages. Have a foam dart battle in the indoor DART ZONE or book a D'ARTSY PARTY in the ART ZONE and create pop art with balloon darts.

Purchase  single play game tickets or buy a play package to immerse yourself in  the full D'ARTS experience.


$15 pp. - 1 hour of play/$20 pp. - 1.5 hours of play

$25 pp. - Play Package - 1.5 hours of play in the Foam Dart Zone and 30 minutes of DARTO play. Players over 18 can opt for a 30 minute Tic T'Axe Throw add-on  for an additional $5.

Before you enter the battlefield, you'll sign a waiver, pick team colors, choose a dart blaster, and grab some safety glasses. When you enter the  battlefield you'll be ready for combat! Take cover behind a bunker, be careful not to topple over a construction barrel, and try to stay out of the danger zone. Remember, the referee is always right!


$15 pp. - 1 hour of play

We've turned BINGO into a team sport! Choose your team color, draw a bingo ball from the basket, and throw dart at the giant DARTO board. Stick a dart on the corresponding target to score points. How do you score in DARTO? The first team to stick five  in a row across or down or in the 4 corners and on the free space wins. 


$20 pp. - 1 hour of play

Are you an X or an O? Sign a waiver, grab an axe, and throw it! Get three axes in a row to win.


$10 pp. 

$15 pp. - Play Package - 30 minutes of play in the Foam Dart Zone, 1 round of RINGO, 1 round of stuffy ladder toss, and 30 minutes of Balloon D'ART. (Players 8-15)

Suit up in a raincoat and safety glasses to create your own "pop" art masterpiece! Throw darts to pop paint filled balloons and watch the  pop art appear with each drop of paint you splatter. Add $5 for framed art.


$5 pp.  or $10  - 1 hour of group play.

Throw Stuffed animals at a ladder.  Land it on a rung and score. First player to 50 wins.


$5 pp.  or $10  - 1 hour of group play.

It's just like DARTO, but more kid-friendly! Instead of targets, there's a peg in the middle of each square. Darts are replaced by colorful carnival rings. Ring the pegs in your team color to win.


$25 pp. - 1.5 hrs., includes materials

Once a month stop by for a weeknight of crafting. We'll make something that is trending on Pinterest. Includes a round of Balloon D'art to help Moms de-stress.


$15 pp. - 1 hour of play, includes materials

Bring your preschoolers  (3-6 years old) on Thursday mornings for a craft activity and some low key  play in the indoor foam dart zone. Includes Stuffy Ladder Toss and RINGO.  Balloon D'ART play is a $5 pp. add-on.  Indoor Foam Dart Zone free for 1 accompanying adult. Parents must stay with child at all times.


We host birthday parties for all ages! Bring your own cake and ice cream to enjoy in our party room. Call to schedule your special event.

KID PARTY for 10 includes:

D'Art Referee

Party Room

Colorful Plates, Napkins, and Cups

D'Art Hand Stamp

10 Bottles of Water

Pop Art with framed print for the Guest of Honor

Stuffy Ladder Toss

1 hour of play in the Indoor Foam Dart Zone

$160, Add up to 6 guests for $10 pp.  Face Painting, $2 pp.

ADULT PARTY for 10 includes:

D'Art Referee

10 Bottles of Water

1  hour of play in the Indoor Foam Dart Zone 

30 minutes of Tic Axe Throw

1 30 minute round of DARTO

$300, add up to 6 guests for $10 each.