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Lora Langston, Director of The Play Connection, Inc. attended Ball State University where she studied Fine Arts and graduated from the College of Architecture and Planning. She helped set up for the grand opening of The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame with RSDesign, worked as Costumed Interpreter and Museum Theatre program Manager at Conner Prairie, as a Program Director/Theatre Enrichment Teacher at AYS, inc., and operated Camp Mudsock at Sunblest Apartments.

Her favorite past positions include managing Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman Program and teaching Summer Theatre at AYS, Inc. Her favorite TPC program is DRAMA CLUB. Lora has completed certification in pediatric first-aid/cpr and Safeguarding God's Children.

And then, she wrote a little blog and set up a Pinterest profile. Now, Lora is a full fledged, self-proclaimed Pinterest Expert and Social Media Manager. Visit her blog Kids Creative Chaos and Pinterest profile.

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