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The Play Connection, Inc. started in 2008 as a Blogspot blog.  In 2009, we opened a brick and mortar space for all things creative play focusing on self-esteem for preschoolers and elementary students

All the while, we blogged. One day, Lora changed the blog's name to Kids Creative Chaos and some magic began to happen. She kept blogging about the activities she did or planned to do with the kids. As a past special events/catering manager, she had many ideas and organized many exciting events for both children and adults. 

social media marketing

Thus, Lora liked to pin fun, creative ideas for games and special events. She pinned. She pins. She started a little contest: Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt. She grew. She grew some more and then she knew this was the thing she wanted to do when she grew up. So, in early 2013 the scavenger hunt had over 2,000 followers and Lora had 10,000 total followers. That was cool. Lora wanted to know, "How can I get more Pinterest followers fast?" She found out, and she did it. Now, Lora has over 185k followers, and she wants to help you to do the same. 

Pinterest and Social Media Management

Lora and her trusty sidekicks, Managers of all the Chaos, can help with all of your social media accounts. They will design and implement a plan of action which might include writing blog posts for publication on your site or Lora's site. 

They will pin, tweet, and share in the most popular social media outlets including Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. 

They will write your press release, find the most important keywords for your company, do light graphic design, and become your voice across the internet. We love Pinterest and Twitter parties too, after all, we are social media mavens. Check our Upwork profile for references, resumes, and examples of our work. We consult and share information, so that in the future you, can sustain your own internet presence (if you want).